Alan's Party

Alan's party prior to being disassembled.

A party formally by Alan before it's members became Aur 's followers, one way or another.



Notable Members

Name Position Job Status
Alan Leader Swordsman Deceased
Leona Jarvis (Nadja) Member Swordswoman Left Party
Shirley Sutherland (Sharl) Member Priestess Left Party
Victor Quia Victima (Vikia/Wikia) Member Sorceress Left Party

Members' Fates

  • Alan: Killed by Aur, resurrected to become a Dullahan.
  • Leona Jarvis: Became a follower of Aur.
  • Shirley Sutherland: Became a follower of Aur.
  • Victor Quia Victima: Inadvertantly became a follower of Aur.