Biographical Info
Gender Male
Classification Human
Professional Info
Occupation Village Chief (Formerly)
Media Info
Image Gallery

Georg was the village chief of the village that was invaded by Aur.


As noted by Aur, Georg was a skilled swordsman in his younger days.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit


Upon hearing about Aur's arrival, he went to meet him. Aur then declared that he should lend his village to him. However, he refused and tried to assault Aur. Despite this, Aur, who already prepared the means to defeat him, was effortlessly able to kill him. Later, when Aur commanded the rest of the village residents to submit to him, Aur told them that they'd better surrender wisely. Reviving Georg under his command, Aur then showed Georg in front of the villagers as an "instance" of foolish people that tried to disobey him earlier.

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