Lilu LN

Lilu Manga

Biographical Info
Kanji リル
Romaji Riru
Gender Female
Classification Demon (Succubus)
Alias Lilu
Professional Info
Affiliation Aur's Party
Media Info
Lignt Novel Debut Chapter 0
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Lilushaana (or Lilu for short) is a succubus and Ein Sof Aur's partner.


Appearance Edit

Personality Edit


Lilu was summoned from the underworld. Upon seeing Aur, she questioned him if Aur was the one who summoned her, which immediately confirmed by Aur. Lilu then asked Aur to remove the magic seal surrounding her. However, Aur rejected as he suspected that Lilu would steal his soul and back to the underworld. The two proceeded talking about making contract. While Lilu initially angered about Aur's idea of building a dungeon, she eventually agreed to join forces with him.



  • In the novel, Lilu's horns are pointed downward. Whereas in the manga, Lilu's horns are pointed upward.

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