Crop Marybelle

Mary Manga

Biographical Info
Gender Female
Alias Mary
Professional Info
Affiliation Aur's Party
Media Info
Lignt Novel Debut Chapter 7, Part 2
Manga Debut Chapter 4
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Marybelle (or Mary for short) is a very young girl who was offered as a sacrifice to Aur.


Marybelle initially appears in chapter 7 of the novel, and chapter 4 of the manga. She appears as the first chaste maiden sacrificed from an unnamed village along side the other resources they have sent. Her only 'job' afterwards was to simply tell Aur when dinner is ready.


She appears to be as young as her age, that of a female child. She has blond, shoulder-length, curly hair with a pink ribbon headband, blue eyes, and fair peach-colored skin.


Innocent and naive, Mary is prone to being following orders from those around her without questioning them. One such case is learning sexual techniques from Lilushaana and using them to the best of her ability, without questioning the moral concerns of her actions or teachings.