Biographical Info
Gender Female
Classification Human
Alias Queen Olivia
Age  Adult
Relatives Patricia (Daughter)
Priscilla (Daughter)
Professional Info
Occupation Queen
Affiliation Figuria
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Image Gallery

Olivia is the Queen of Figuria. She has two daughters.

Introduction Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Originally loyal to her husband, after being raped by Aur, she gave herself and her daughters to him.

Summary Edit

Aur killed her Husband the Former King Carus VIII. After executing her husband Aur appeared before her and her two daughters, Patricia and Priscilla, she then stabbed Aur, though this had no effect on him, he then apologizes and explains why he killed her husband. Aur rapes her and promises that her children will inherit the throne. And no one else. and then he proceeds to fuck her and her daughters till they read and are begging for him to impregnate them.

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