Victor Quia Victima
Crop Victima
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Classification Human
Alias Wikia
Professional Info
Affiliation Aur's Party
Alan's Party (Formerly)
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 8
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Victor Quia Victima, also known as Vikia or Wikia, was a member of Alan's party before inadvertently becoming a follower of Aur.



Wikia is a young woman that appears in her early 20's. She has long, light-colored hair that reaches down to her waist. She wears a sleeveless shirt that highlights her torso, short skirts, long stockings, a collar, and a pair of armbands. She also wears a sorceress hat. Prior to joining Aur's Party, Wikia is the tallest member of Alan's Party. A ribbon is attached in on her shirt.



Along with her comrades, Wikia attacks Aur's dungeon, which ended up in failure. After being imprisoned, Aur finally comes to meet her. He then asks Wikia to play a game with him. Wikia ultimately wins and demands Aur to free her. However, Aur reveals that he has defeated all of her comrades. As such, he will do so if Wikia can win three more times. Wikia is the last to have her real name being revealed, as well as the last member of Alan's Party to submit to Aur.


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