Yunisfinia Meredith Luella Gurandiera



Biographical Info
Gender Female
Classification Human
Alias Yunis
Age 17
Professional Info
Affiliation Aur's Party
Media Info
Lignt Novel Debut Chapter 5
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Image Gallery

Yunisfinia Meredith Luella Gurandiera (or Yunis for short) is a hero girl and a princess who attacked Aur's dungeon, born under the Hero Star. However, when she was defeated and captured, she then became Aur's follower instead, thus turning into a fallen hero.

Introduction Edit

Yunis, at first, had the goal to defeat Aur and bring his dungeon down but the sorcerer used his magic to use the villagers and attack Yunis since she had supposedly fought Aur and invoked his wrath. Aur then "saved" Yunis from the villagers and had her kill them, believing he would never harm her. She swore allegiance to Aur, revealing that she is actually a member of the royal family and gave him her trust.

Appearance Edit

Yunis is petite and has a small build, though her power and skill makes up for it. She seems to be very insecure about her small breasts as compared to the others in Aur's company, to which Aur always tells her he does not have a specific preference. Yunis has burgundy hair which is kept into a high ponytail and green eyes as seen in the novel. She wears female armor.

Personality Edit

After being defeated and tricked by Aur, Yunis began believing in a more twisted sense of justice and punishment. She comes off as dedicated and loyal to Aur, believing him to be the one and only person to never harm her. She harbors feelings for him and is willing to serve by his side.

Summary Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Yunis is a high rank magic knight.  She is strong, fast, durable, has high stamina, and is extremely skilled with the sword.  Not only is she highly skilled as a swordsman, but she is capable of using magic attack spells in conjunction with her combat abilities.  

She was born under the 'star of the hero'; a rare existence where a human is born holding some sort of destiny.  Because of this, Yunis developed remarkable abilities at a young age, far removed from that of other people.  During her life, without fail, she shall draw in great luck or great misfortune.  When people try to kill her, she won't die so easily.  And any type of brainwashing or curse would have a weak effect on her, coming undone at any moment.  Once she matures, Yunis will become the best of the best as a magic knight, a true master.  

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